About Us

About Us

LudoCraft is a Finnish game studio of 20+ passionate professionals specializing in the design and development of multiplayer games and virtual worlds for PC and smart phone platforms. We can design and develop games for any imaginable domains – from entertainment through education to heavy industries.

Our core expertise is in collaborative games that help people harness joy, energy, creativity and motivation in order to improve their activities. We have a strong background in innovative design practices and agile product development, with over 10 years of experience in using Unity 3D, Unreal, realXtend, Torque, OGRE, HTML5 and Flash technologies.

We are proud to be reliable, cost-effective and agile game development studio with a reputation for delivering our products on time and within the budget. We are able to create high-quality products quickly and efficiently. Our organization culture has been praised to be innovative, revolutionary and highly productive. LudoCraft has received many awards from game development competitions, including the Make Something Unreal competition and the Independent Game Festival.

Our mission is to harness our long-term expertise of game development to provide innovative game applications and tailored game-like solutions for our customers. We create a brighter future through games.

Award - Kauppalehti Menestyjäyritys 2011
Award - Great Place to Work 2010
Award - Nvidia Make Something Unreal Contest
Award - Best e-Learning Product 2009
Award - Independent Game Festival 2007
Award - Independent Game Festival 2006
Award - Game Music Awards 2014 - 2nd Place