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Press Start To Pause – Stopping the Games of Life

We here at LudoCraft often talk about games and gamification in a very positive way. To many of us it is a way of life. For example, from this blog you can read how we have gamified exercising. But every now and then everyone of us need a break from the various games of life.

Video Game Antiquities Alive

For gamers, and especially for game makers, it is vital to understand game history. Not only read about it, but actually experience it! Therefore, we house a sizable collection of both modern and vintage games. The collection spans from the 70s up to current releases. Maintaining such a collection doesn’t come without its problems, though. […]

Sound of Silly

When people ask what I do for a living precisely, I usually say I make sound effects for video games. That’s not the truth though, it’s a just convenient answer and not a lie. I do tech support. And video shooting plus editing. Occasionally script writing. I think I once wrote few lines of code that […]