To Ludum Dare or not to Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a competition, held three times a year, in which game developers all over the world aim to make a game fitting a given theme. The challenge is that you only have two days to finish your game and you get to know the theme of the game right before your 48 hours […]

Sound of Silly

When people ask what I do for a living precisely, I usually say I make sound effects for video games. That’s not the truth though, it’s a just convenient answer and not a lie. I do tech support. And video shooting plus editing. Occasionally script writing. I think I once wrote few lines of code that […]

Games and Gaming – Why Is There a Difference?

I had the surprising pleasure to visit London and see the latest up and coming trends in the gaming industry at ICE 2016. Not the game industry – gaming industry. This means betting, slot machines and the like. Now, games and gaming are very close to each other as terms, so I’ll try to keep […]

Liitutaulusta peliin

Millainen on luokkahuone, jossa opettajan jälkeen paras pedagoginen väline on liitutaulu? Vaikea kuvitella nykyaikana. Vaikka taulu onkin säilyttänyt asemansa helppona esitys- ja jäsennysjärjestelmänä, niin luokkahuoneeseen on saapunut monia moderneja välineitä. Kaikille noille välineille on yhteistä se, että oppimistilanne on vahvasti opettajavetoista. Jos opettaja osaa pistää itsensä mielenkiintoisella tavalla likoon, niin oppimishetki on antoisa. Jos taas […]
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