Catch the Fish

Catch the Fish (2015)

Catch the fish is a light and casual game for phones and tablets, and it tells the tale of a fish, called Mister Kala Carte, who wants to catch some fish with his net.

The game was developed in co-operation with advertising agency Pakkahuone. Our mutual client was Hätälä, a company specializing in fish products. Hätälä wanted to have a cool way of bringing forth their products and brand in trade fairs, and found that a game is an excellent way to stand out.

The premise of the game is to get as many points as possible by catching fish that swim downstream. The more fish the player catches by moving Mr Carte from side to side on the screen, the more points are awarded. And the more points are awarded, the harder the game becomes.

In addition to the delicious fish that roam the waters, there are items that harm Mr Carte’s fishing net. If the player does not steer clear of such items, they break the fishing net and the game ends.

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