Oulu 3D


Oulu 3D

Oulu 3D is a virtual world of Oulu City center and other Oulu areas. This collective platform enables collaboration and shows how real-world services can be implemented in a virtual world. The creation of the platform is a testament to collaboration as well, as the content within the world is made by different companies.

LudoCraft is responsible for several aspects of the platform, such as 3D modeling, user interface and user experience. The platform is created using realXtend technology which is an open source tehcnology platform for developing hybrid reality multi-user virtual envirionments. Along with the city center we have created 3D environments of Oulu City Hall and Nallikari beach within the project.

The grand interior design of Oulu City Hall was modelled down to the very fine detail within the project. Creating the opportunity to study the artwork, details and decor of the architectural classic. In addition to giving a glimpse to the features of the building regardless of time and place, the 3D model also acts as a method of perserving cultural hertiage.

Where the City Hall project was done down to the finest grain of detail, the popular summer-time beach destination, Nallikari beach, was converted into a virtual experience showcasing the main attractions of the place. Within the world it is possible to fly with the seagulls and explore the beautiful scenery of the seaside.

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