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The Price You Pay – Costs of a Game Project Revealed

I am often faced with an undeniably important question: why are game projects so expensive? The question can relate to a news article about a recently released AAA title citing its development budget or a casual conversation about the budget of another creative entertainment product, like the new Moomin animation. Sometimes the question comes from […]

A Night of Revelations

When you work in a creative industry, you get to direct that creativity towards a specific goal. It means that you get to do what you are the very best in. It feeds you. But sometimes it can be hard to dig deep into that pool of creativity and harvest its power to meet goals. […]

Ready, Set… Write!

Creativity is a funny thing and it’s definitely something you can (and should!) practice and nurture. When I began at LudoCraft eight years ago, I found something that immediately struck my creative streak: NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. Or just NaNo which can affectionately mean the whole month or the novels created during that […]