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Press Start To Pause – Stopping the Games of Life

We here at LudoCraft often talk about games and gamification in a very positive way. To many of us it is a way of life. For example, from this blog you can read how we have gamified exercising. But every now and then everyone of us need a break from the various games of life.

The Power of a Fortnight – Working Out How to Work Out

Based on the header you might think this is a text about Fortnite, the Battle Royale by Epic Games, and I’ve made a typo. I have not, I am actually and intentionally talking about fortnight. A time period of two weeks. Now that we have that out of the way I can get to my […]

Why Are Games Even a Thing?

One question that we get asked a lot, and I mean a lot-lot is why are games even a thing, why do we need them and what’s the use? Technically, that’s three questions but they’re all asking more or less the same thing. They’re valid questions, and I think we’ve gotten quite good at providing […]

How to Exercise without Exercising – 3 Protips!

Do you know what I hate? Exercise. Do you know what I love? Playing Just Dance. Here is a very simple reason why: you get to jump around like an idiot pretending you’re just short of Lady Gaga with your awesome moves. The video that the game compiles immediately after each performance always cleanses me […]

Liitutaulusta peliin

Millainen on luokkahuone, jossa opettajan jälkeen paras pedagoginen väline on liitutaulu? Vaikea kuvitella nykyaikana. Vaikka taulu onkin säilyttänyt asemansa helppona esitys- ja jäsennysjärjestelmänä, niin luokkahuoneeseen on saapunut monia moderneja välineitä. Kaikille noille välineille on yhteistä se, että oppimistilanne on vahvasti opettajavetoista. Jos opettaja osaa pistää itsensä mielenkiintoisella tavalla likoon, niin oppimishetki on antoisa. Jos taas […]