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Customer Case: AR Goes Dogfight

Like many of us know, augmented reality is kind of a big deal these days. As I don’t consider myself to be a tech-head, I don’t necessarily get the most excited about new technology as such. The thrill of it all seeps into my brain once I come across new type of content that the […]

The Price You Pay – Costs of a Game Project Revealed

I am often faced with an undeniably important question: why are game projects so expensive? The question can relate to a news article about a recently released AAA title citing its development budget or a casual conversation about the budget of another creative entertainment product, like the new Moomin animation. Sometimes the question comes from […]

Sound of Silly

When people ask what I do for a living precisely, I usually say I make sound effects for video games. That’s not the truth though, it’s a just convenient answer and not a lie. I do tech support. And video shooting plus editing. Occasionally script writing. I think I once wrote few lines of code that […]