Kosteikkopeli (2018)

WetlandGame is a permanent part of the exhibition at Liminganlahti Nature Center. The game communicates the importance of wetland preservation particularly to kids and teenagers. The player performs different actions in the game that affect wetland conditions.

The goal of the game is to find balance between preserving wetlands and allowing different industries to conduct business and find livelihood in areas that impact nature. Throughout the game the player gets information on their actions and possible large scale impacts they might have to the surrounding environment. The game’s educational goal is for player’s to understand that the condition of wetlands has a widespread effect on plants and animals.

“Liminganlahti Nature Center is the first wetland center in Finland. Our mission is to communicate the importance of wetlands and how they benefit people. We also contribute into wetland preservation. Communicating about wetlands is not always easy, as they are often seen as wastelands and, for example, the functions of a drainage basin are not well understood. Once again LudoCraft offered expert help on how to convey the importance of wetlands especially to kids and youngsters. As a result of our collaboration, we now have an amazing Wetland Game that has received positive feedback from Liminganlahti Nature Center customers. It has been a joy to work with such a competent game studio!”

Ulla Matturi, Visitor Centre Manager, Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, Metsähallitus

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