Amazing Office Race

Amazing Office Race

Amazing Office Race (2013)

Amazing Office Race is an Alternate Reality Game platform designed to utilize client’s real world offices or premises as the playing area for a game which brings their employees or clients together to a journey of completing simple and fun puzzles and tasks. The Amazing Office Race is designed in such a way that it takes players around the playing area allowing them simultaneously to learn more about their environment.

This platform uses various ways to provide instructions, tasks, storytelling and feedback to the players. Some of the tools used include custom websites, actors, sets of customized and specifically themed printed instructions, video and audio material, etc.

Amazing Office Race can be easily scaled and customized for various purposes and different size premises. It can be used to familiarize new students with their university campus, show new employees where all important places at their new office are while simultaneously teaching them about company history, or to make museum visits more exciting and engaging to any and all visitors.

One such example is Amazing Office Race – Proffa Hukassa, which was a custom adventure developed for the Science Center Tietomaa in Oulu to be used with children between ages of 7 and 13. It was a huge success among the children participating in the adventure.