Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (2017)

Sky is the limit in what can be achieved with AR. For us it’s games that finally bring digital and physical worlds seamlessly together. This is a dream come true for us, as one of the projects from LudoCraft’s early days was developing 3d internet experiences. We’ve also done extensive research on nonverbal cues when utilizing avatars and tested this approach with our team game, NoviCraft. One of the most thrilling aspect for us is that AR makes it possible to act as your own avatar within a game. Now – after 17 years – this vision of seamlessly combining digital and physical worlds can finally be achieved by applying our knowhow and lessons learnt into AR.
In addition to our extensive history in game research and game development, we are already quickly gaining experience in the AR field by experimenting with Microsoft HoloLens. Deep content knowhow and technology expertise is a winning combination when creating engaging experiences on this fairly new platform. To further amplify our stand as AR experts, we have worked together with the award-winning AR developer, Augumenta, for five years. Our partnership includes, for example, content creation for Epson AR platform.